We believe the most important thing we sell is ourselves. Anyone can sell you a box. Our people make the difference.


Kobie Kooling Inc. is proud to be the first NATE blue circle dealer in South West Florida. Being a NATE trained and certified mechanic is voluntary and what it means for our customers is you get a mechanic and not a sales technician. Of course we sell goods and services, but our NATE trained and certified mechanics are skilled diagnosticians with real education. We pride ourselves in taking our education and service to the highest level.



As home to the world famous "MOLD DETECTIVE"  we lead the industry in environmental investigations and prevention. Our team offers comprehensive services from air tests to remediation. We focus on PREVENTION through proper system design and maintenance.


We have also partnered with our sister companies - Kobie Homewatch Services LLC and Kobie Home Inspection Services LLC to offer a wider base of services related to the protection of your home. With real professionals on the job, working for you 24/7.


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